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Practice Information
Posted Jan 30, 2019

8/10-8/12: 6-8 @ the fairgrounds

8/17-8/19: 5:30-7:30 @ the fairgrounds

8/24-8/26: 5:30-7:30 @ the Old Middle School

 8/31-9/2: 5:30-7:30 @ the Old Middle School

*Mascots only practice the first hour*

Posted Jul 1, 2019

2019 Rule Book

Player Sponsorships
Posted Apr 23, 2019

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or know someone who might be interested, please print out the form below.  

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Welcome back Bears!
Posted Apr 14, 2021


Join us next year. Registration opens March 2022.

Game Schedule:

8/14: Denair Lions Vs. Mariposa Bears at Mariposa High School

8/21: Modesto Rams Vs. Mariposa Bears at Mariposa High School

8/28: Mariposa Bears Vs. West Side 9ers at Orestimba High School

9/4: No Game, Enjoy Fair!

9/11: Mariposa Bears Vs. Hughson Oilers at Mariposa High School

9/18: Turlock Hornets Vs. Mariposa Bears at Mariposa County Fairgrounds

9/25: Mariposa Bears Vs. TC Bulldogs at Le Grand

10/02: Hilmar Packers Vs. Mariposa Bears at Mariposa County Fairgrounds

10/09: Mariposa Bears Vs. Gustine Redskins at Gustine

10/16: Merced Wolverines Vs. Mariposa Bears at Mariposa County Fairgrounds

10/23: Mariposa Bears Vs. BV Sabers at Big Valley Christian High School


1PM for Jr Novice, 3PM for Novice, 5PM for JV, and 7PM for Varsity


Latest Info

For Communications throughout the season, please make sure to check your email regularly for last minute updates and changes. If you would like to add a new email address, please submit the form below.

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Safer Than Ever Before
Posted Aug 5, 2019

Football is a sport that has been synonomous with injuries over the years due to it's highly physcial nature.  There are many steps that have been taken in recent years to eliminate many of these injuries making football the safest it's ever been.  With inprovements to equipment and rules to elimnate injury casusing actions, football is no way as dangerous as even 10 years ago.   The Mariposa Bears participate in something called "Heads Up Football" which is a tackle style developed in recent years that has drastically lowered the number of concussions and other serious head and neck injuries that players would experience.  This style of football requires players to tackle with their head up and out of direct contact with the other player.  This allows the shoulder pads, the protect equipment a player wears, to asorb the impact.  This prevents the player from compressing their neck, and removes their head from direct impact, making it safer than traditional tackleing methods.  We also never practice plays at a game level to limit the time that kids could experience injury.  Our league requires every game to maintain medical staff on the field at all times ensuring that the small amopunt of injuries that do occur are able to recieve immediate medical attention by trained staff.  A common concern we recive from individuals prospecting joining our league is they are afraid that football is played that same way as when they were kids.  That is not the case.  With our increased safety precautions, we are able to eliminate almost all injuries during our season.  Have more questions?  Send us an email and we would be happy to address your concerns.  Email Us


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