USA Football

All Participants in the Organization

are required to have a physical completed by a physician

prior to attending any practices. 

The form that your doctor will need to fill out can be found HERE


Player Eligibility by Level

Player Eligibility by Level
Including Varsity, Junior Varsity, Novice and Junior Novice

A. Age eligibility for TVYFL participants is based upon November 29th of the current year.
B. All players must have an electronic application on Bonzi, physical, most current report card and proof of age on
file with their member team prior to participation in team practice.
C. Physical need to be dated for the current calendar year (after January 1st).
D. Physical need to be on the current TVYFL Medical Form.
E. VARSITY SQUADS shall consist of players 13 and 14 years of age.
a. All 8th graders must participate at the Varsity level.
b. Individuals entering the 9th grade or who turn 15 years old on/before November 29 may not participate in
the TVYFL.
F. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUADS shall consist of players 11 and 12 years of age.
G. NOVICE SQUADS shall consist of players 9 and 10 years of age.
H. JUNIOR NOVICE SQUADS shall consist of players 6, 7 and 8 years of age.
a. Participants must be 6 years old as of July 1st of the current year. No waivers are allowed for participants
less than 6 years of age.
I. Participants Age 12 and/or Grade 7, Age 10 and/or Grade 5, Age 8 and/or Grade 3 may be moved up to the next
level only with local board approval.
J. If an opposing Head Coach questions the eligibility of a player, he may have his organization request an
investigation by the TVYFL board into the eligibility of said player. If a player is found to be ineligible, all
games played in are forfeited.
K. There are no weight limits with TVYFL. Participation is based upon age and grade.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 6/5/2019

Call to Order At 6:09 by Nick
Roll Call: Nick Lambert, Samantha Bull, Gloria Nelson, Rodney Bull, Stormi Smith, Tammy Reel, Jimmy Smith, Mal Coan
TVYFL Meeting
June 22nd is Coaches Clinic
Jr. Instructors Need to attend coaches clinic
All coaches need to compleet USA football test
Bears are going to keep Academic patches for JV and Varsity only
Treasurer's Report: Todays Balance $24,000in the general fund
Cheer account balance is $2,900.00.
Date for the 1850 fundraiser is July 27th as of now.
We will have an open registration on Monday and Wednesday next week at Don Rubens from 5-7.
St. Josephs Church will let us use their kitchen to cook tri tip during fair weekend.
Coaches Report: Helmets were sent out.
We Need new bags for practice.
Rodney will look into prices for new bags
Football fittings will take place on July 1st and 2nd. Novice and Jr Novice on the 1st and Varsity and JV on the 2nd between 5-6 pm

Item 1 :Rodney be able to order $1000.00 worth of hitting pads.
Motioned By: Nick
Seconded By Stormi
Ayes: 8

Item 2 :Motion for Samantha Bull to be the third signer for the check book.
Motioned By: Nick
Seconded By Stormi
Ayes: 8
Nayes 0

Meeting Adjourned at 7:22pm By Nick

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 5/8/2019

Call to Order At 6:06 by Nick
Roll Call: Nick Lambert, Samantha Bull, Kendra Neilson,, Gloria Nelson, tephany Rhoan, Stephany Orozco, Mal Coan,Rodney Bull, Stormi Smith
Approval of Minutes motions by Nick. Gloria second the motion. All in favor with non opposed.
Nick Lambert saw Austin Powers for the first time!
Treasurer's Report: Todays Balance $20,027 in the general fund
Cheer account balance is $2,405.19.
League Rep Report: Chawanakee School District has been added to the insurance and we are waiting on the principles approval.
Costs per Home game to have it at the fairgrounds would be $400 per game
Fundraiser at Rite Aid earned $500. $100 of that will go to Vally Childrens Hospital
Coaches Report: Reconditioning will be about $4,750.00
TVYFL Meeting.
Make sure Medics are scheduled before games.
Academic patches for all levels. Make sure report card are turned in.
Next Insurance effective July 1st
June 15th is the deadline for uniforms.
YCADA TBD $25.00
Stunt Camp aug 3-4th $35 registration for JV and Varsity $45 to Junior. Novice
October 15th Registration date for stunt camp
Coaches Clinic at Big Valley June 22nd Football and Cheer 7:30 am check in. 2-3 copies of DOJ and be ready for a picture
Nov 9th and 10th is Super Bowl TBD

Item 1 :For the Bears Account to have 2 people sign per Check.
Motioned By: Nick
Seconded By Gloria
Ayes: 9

Item 2 :getting our football uniforms from Prosphere Uniforms
Motioned By: Nick
Seconded By Kendra
Ayes: 9
Nayes 0
Item 3: Kendra asks to be reimbursed for the butterfly festival fundraiser
Motioned by: Nick
Second by Samantha
Ayes 9
Nayes 0
Item 4 : Motion for OMIT to not come back as a coach this year.
Motion Stormi
Second Nick
Ayes 7
Abstain 2
Nayes 0

Meeting Adjourned at 8:38 By Nick

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 3/18/2019

Call to Order & Roll Call: Nick Lambert, Samantha Bull, Sandy Morehouse, Gloria Nelson, Stephany Rhoan, Wendy Ryder, Stephany Orozco, Mal Coan
Approval of Minutes
Receive presentation from RC of ProSphere Uniforms: Cost per player would be $89.95. with a 14 day turn around. We would also receive 4 free coaches shirts per level and 25 free dry fit shirts for going with the company.
Treasurer's Report: Todays Balance $20,080.96 in the general fund
Cheer account balance is $2,404.99. We received a $520.00 anonomos donation to go into the general fund.
League Rep Report: Football and cheer registration opens on April 1st.
We received a special events permit.
By June Meeting all certs for gear need to be done.
June 22 is coaches clinic. Location not announced yet.
Committee Formations: Mal will be leading fundraising. Gloria will talk to Steve the owner of Sportsman’s Cafe and see about doing a fundraiser there.
Regular Agenda Items
Item 1 :For Nick to have approval to approve any fundraising startup funds of $500 or less.
Motioned By: Sandy
Seconded By Samantha
Ayes: 8

Item 2 : Tammy Reel to become a member at large pending finger prints.
Motioned By: Samantha
Seconded By Nick
Ayes: 8

H. Closed Session: Ed Sinclair was voted to become a member at large and Nick Lambert was voted to become President.

Open Discussion: Gloria will talk to land owner about the bears continuing to use the land that the trailer is on and if we could put a more permanent structure on the property.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 By Nick